#143 No Tell Hotel

Posted by Michael on 21 November 2006 in Art, Events

Fancy crawling through a tunnel dug out from underneath a grotty old warehouse in East London after climbing down through a fridge that was sitting in the corner of a porn den/makeshift boxing club? Thought you might and, I have to say, although it took me a couple of circuits round the installation before getting the guts up to climb into the fridge, the whole experience was well worth it.

What the heck am I on about? Well, it’s Christoph Büchel’s installation entitled ‘Simply Botiful’ at Hauser & Wirth Coppermill in Bethnal Green. This exhibition marks the launch of Hauser & Wirth’s newly acquired space. You can see some images of the empty space below. I don’t want to give too much away about Christoph Büchel’s installation but there is a walkthrough on the Hauser & Wirth website if you’re not too keen on suprises. I guarantee won’t recognise the space from these pictures.

Visit [hauserwirth.com/exhibitions] to find out more. ‘Simply Botiful’ is open from Thursday to Sunday and runs until the 18th of March 2007.
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