#147 Poster Havana

Posted by Michael on 27 November 2006 in Graphic Design, Illustration

I’m possibly a bit slow but I didn’t realise Poland wasn’t the only country to hold the title for richest history and dedication to the art of the poster. After looking up foreign movie posters on the internet highway, Cuba kept coming up again and again. Turns out Cuba even have their own poster design superstars (if this is totally old news to you please leave a comment berating my lack of historial… er… thingy). I guess it makes sense when you consider how iconic that image of Che has become. Here’s a few (slightly digitally enhanced) examples for your perusal…
René Azcuy

Eduardo Muñoz Bachs

Antonio Pérez

If you’d like to see more, there are quite a few online resources although most are very salesy and image quality tends to be a bit shoddy. Art of Cuba [artofcuba.com] has loads of images of various quality. If you know of any most useful links please let me know.
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