#342 Bam Thwack Mam Tor

Posted by Michael on 30 January 2007 in Illustration, Publications

Mam Tor [mamtor.com] are a fairly new publishing house seeking to revitalise the comic and pulp fiction genre, taking their cues from Sci-fi paperbacks from the 60s and 70s and comic/magazines such as, the now quite ancient, Heavy Metal [heavy-metal.net] .They are just about to release their first picture book by Matt Coyle [mattcoyle.net] entitled ‘Worry Doll’ (that’s a pic from it above). Apparently it’s the story of ‘a suitcase full of dolls who stumble across the murdered corpses of their host family in their living room, who flee the crime scene and embark on a nightmarish road trip in popular culture today’. Yikes! And with creepily lush, and almost photorealistic illustrations to match. Check out the Worry Doll preview on the Mam Tor website.
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