#348 Vent Fury at Foster

Posted by Michael on 24 January 2007 in Architecture

Well, actually that’s only a suggestion, although considering what Foster + Partners [fosterandpartners.com] have done to Spitalfields Market… anyways, New London Architecture is an organisation set up to put Londoner’s back in touch with the people who are moulding the modern face of the city, i.e. the architects. They do this through a number of activities including various exhibitions (such as the recent Legible London exhibition [legiblelondon.info] ) and the excellent NLA website where you can have a bit of a general rant about things [newlondonarchitecture.org/haveyoursay] or rummage through on comment on various projects [newlondonarchitecture.org/projects] . It’s a brilliantly easy idea, I just hope someone up there (possibly whizzing around London Eye in his helicopter) is listening. Below is a fist full of projects that caught our eye from the NLA website…

Res >^..^<