#352 “If you work at a magazine, as we do, you hear a lot about the ‘death of print’ which makes sad because, well, we like making a magazine and we would like to keep doing it forever…”—Greg Foley

Posted by Michael on 24 January 2007 in Events, Publications

The latest issue of Tokion [tokion.com] magazine should be of particular interest to maglophiles everywhere. Their annual 'Creativity Now' edition features a round table discussion with design directors from quirky periodical titles such as Colors [colorsmagazine.com], McSweeneys [mcsweeneys.net], Purple [purple.fr] and America (designed by ex-The Face Design Director, Graham Rounthwaite). The discussion is chaired by V Magazine [vmagazine.com] design supremo, Greg Foley, and yes, that old chestnut, 'the Death of Print', rears it’s ugly head once again.
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