#54 Breathe Out and Relax

Posted by Michael on 13 October 2006 in Magazines, Reading, Publishing

Just as I was slagging off poor old Relax Magazine for it’s recent change in (art) direction it’s goes and closes. Seems I wasn’t the only one doing it... Of course Jean Snow and Marxy mentioned this back in June, but several issues were released after this which made us think it may have had a repreve. Alas, no. So we bid farewell to the coolest and most accessable Japanese magazine to date and thank Relax for supporting some of the best contemporary image makers around (you always did give good cover, like the James Jarvis fold-out above). To view a set of covers from Relax visit one of our sister sites. You might like to read a previous post on Japanese magazines by selecting ‘Magazines’ from the catagories menu on the right.
Res >^..^<