#57 Save Milton House

Posted by Michael on 17 October 2006 in Architecture, Politicosis

Lately, the City of London seems to have taken it upon themselves to rid the City District of all examples of recent 20th century architecture, replacing them with innocuous glass and steel edifices.
This is Britain’s allegy to modern architecture blown up to ludicous proportions. Rather than harbouring a culturally rich and extensive overview of architectural trends throughout the 20th century the council has seen fit to simply erase vast swathes of London’s modern heritage.

Many of the charming multistory office buildings built in the 50s and 60s around London Wall have fallen under the wreaker’s ball as has Mondial House, which previously sat like a massive alien spacecraft on the banks of the Thames, sadly no more due to the imagination deficit currently sweeping through the City.

Of all this recent unwarranted destruction (City of London currently boasts on their website that they have more office space than the Docklands - Joy), the saddest news to break has be that Milton Court looks like the next to go.

Quite literally attached to the Barbican (a part of the Barbican Highwalk), Milton Court was built shortly before the Barbican and is, therefore, not considered a protected building by English Heritage (a group that recently came under fire for giving up it’s own headquarters on Saville Row to yet another rabid developer). Previously the building housed a Fire Station and Coroner’s Office. Guildhall School of Music and Dance currently occupy part of the building and are seeking to demolish the existing structure to provide new facilities as well as a 43 story residential development (?).

How about this for an idea, move the rather lack-lustre Design Museum to the site and use that to create a national centre for design at the Barbican including workshop spaces and stuff. Whaddyathink?

Help stop the madness by visiting [miltoncourt.org] or drop the City of London a line at [elaine.pearce@culture.gsi.gov.uk].


Mia wrote on October 18th 2006 at 12:00pm:
“I think it’s a brilliant idea. The Barbican could feasibly become a creative centre, the Guildhall School, Barbican Theatre complex and the Museum of London are already there.”

Gareth Roberts wrote on June 23rd2007 at 2:12am:
“Yesterday I visited Milton Court after seeing it on the “Eyesore or gem” feature on the BBC website. The building is looking a bit neglected but I found it to be an amazing place that could be re-used (I particularly like your suggestion to move the Design Museum). I hope the developers don’t get their way and stick another glass tower on the site.”

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