#76 Praise be to i-D

Posted by Michael on 11 January 2007 in Publications

i-D magazine [i-dmagazine.com] have been asking their MySpace friends [myspace.com/idmagazine] to contribute to the magazine for a few issues now. For the ‘We Got Issues’ Issue, out today, your humble author sent a bunch of politically minded slogans in to them influenced by the likes of Jenny Holzer [adaweb.walkerart.org/holzer] and Geoff McFetridge [thedirectorsbureau.com] , which I’m dead chuffed to announce they have seen fit to sprinkle through the opening section of the magazine. You can see some of the slogans featured above. Unfortunately I missed out on a credit, but I guess ideas want to be free, and it is kind of cool to see a magazine brave enough to put the usually unfashionable game of politics to the fore… even if it is just for a month…

Res >^..^<