#79 Have your Cake

Posted by Michael on 23 October 2006 in Cake

Cake. God knows I love it. Possibly too much. Tea and cake is what’s helped make this country great and it’s nice to see a number of ’boutique’… um… producers of cake, taking a step back in time to look at this fine tradition.
What has stirred this particular (and slightly saccarine) ‘Ode to Cake’ has to be Peyton & Byrne’s Banana Cake Loaf (or Loaf Cake… I dunno). Available from the new, freshly delivered and piping hot Peyton and Byrne store on Tottenham Court Road (sandwiched – pardon the pun – between Habitat and Heals). To give you an idea of how good it was it took 3 of us 1 and a half days to finish the lot off (I think I even had some for breakfast – that’s not good).
Visit [peytonandbyrne.co.uk] to have a look at the vast selection of scrummy delights they have on offer.

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