︎ Many-Rooms is a publishing project in 10 parts, positioned at the junction of research, writing and story telling as design practice. Juxtaposing themes surrounding isolation and empathy facing the current pandemic, each story—each room—is built out of fact-based research presented in the guise of fiction. ¶ Within this archive you can read the resulting stories via the menu above ︎︎︎ and sift through (and contribute to) associated research collected via a dedicated Are.na group. Recordings of readings and live events are also archived via the Res >^..^< YouTube channel. For updates and more follow @many.rooms.project via Instagram.


The Many-Rooms project is edited and produced by Michael Bojkowski. Built on the foundations of ‘Made of Stories’ thesis project. Produced as part of the Critical Inquiry Lab MA at Design Academy Eindhoven, 2020. [RC2011W1]
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