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Back to the McCarthy Era

Before Stereolab there was McCarthy. Strangely McCarthy sounded nothing like Stereolab, despite acting as a base for the talents of Tim Gane and, later Laetitia Sadier. McCarthy wore their ideals on their sleeves which seems suddenly a strangely appropriate thing to do considering the current political climate. Tracks with titles like ‘Should the Bible be Banned?’ and ‘We Are All Bourgeois Now’ have the destinctive sound of early 90s jangly indie pop but many of the topics seem no less relevent today.
           Cool thing is that Cherry Red Records [] have opened up their Digital Downloads website [The site’s URL should go here, but it’s too wierd and long so just click if you want to go there] so you can experience (or revisit) many of the often overlooked bands from this era like McCarthy [] and the ever excellent Denim [] . The newly launched Rough Trade Digital [] online store also offers a chance to rummage through their racks from the comfort of your own home. Suddenly it’s as if 2000 never happened.