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Lost Classics:

Roman Coppola [] once made a film called CQ []. If this is ‘ye olde ancient news’ to you then maybe skip onto the next post or something (you can leave a comment telling me what you thought of it first if you like, go on, you know you want to… maybe). It was back in 2001, although he started work on it a year before hand. I really liked it (but then my all-time favourite film is Modesty Blaise). It’s a typically quirky mixture of the clever and aware film making of the new wave era re-interpreted and the frothy, escapist fun of 60s Sci-Fi Pyschadelia (think Barbarella, Danger: Diabolik and the aforementioned Modesty Blaise).

It also features the usual high quality Coppola siblings collaborations, this time with Graphic Artist Laurent Fetis [] who, not only supplied various marketing materials for the film, but also worked with Coppola Jr on the titles, on screen graphics and props used within the film/s themselves (the posters are a joy, here are a couple of them below). If you pick up the DVD you’ll also find documentary by Mom and Sis with loads of really cool featurettes and even a couple of 'new wave' style films about CQ.