︎ Made of Stories is the title of a thesis project that investigates various junctures at which (design) research and story telling intersect—with a view to story telling as design practice and as a means for archiving and transmitting research work beyond typical project cycles.

Below you’ll find two videos produced, for the Moving in Stasis programme at Het Nieuwe Instituut in 2021, that go further in explaining the project. The first video is an ‘open studio’ work-in-progress livestream recording, leading up to the second video which utilises the format of a performative lecture.

A printed publication has also been produced which is in the process of being updated before a formal publishing programme is initiated. If you would like to read the thesis text please contact Michael via this site or our instagram account @research.catalogue


The Made of Stories project is designed and produced by Michael Bojkowski. Initially produced as part of the Critical Inquiry Lab MA at Design Academy Eindhoven. Part of the Moving in Stasis programme at Het Nieuwe Instituut from 8 March–11 April 2021.

Visit movinginstasis.com or hetnieuweinstituut.nl for more information.

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