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November 2006

Mmm… nice carpet. Just so you know I don’t just buy loads of Paris Vogue’s here’s me current reading list…

Dummy [] 

The Architect’s Journal []
Recently, I’ve been concerned about the rapid redevelopment going on around the City of London as they seem intent of demolishing every last vestige of mid to late 20th Century Architecture. This is where I found out Milton Court was in for the chop. Well worth picking up if you you are concerned about the current state of architecture in Britain, and you should be, especially with the deluge of rash decisions going on in the lead up to the London Olympics.

Little White Lies [] 
The Marie Antoinette issue. If you haven’t checked out this mag, it’s worth it just for the concept, and the editor’s don’t necessarily love every film they feature but try to pick the most ‘zeitgiesty’ film at the time the issue comes out. Includes lush pictures of Macarons, see []

‘Sup Magazine []

Dazed & Confused []
Okay, so I only really bought this for the Sofia Coppola special designed by Peter Miles (there an interesting article about the designer here [International Herald Tribune]). The rest of the magazine is as typically out-of-step and shoddily designed as ever and I kind of wished it hadn’t come in a envelope so I could have seen it first. Nevermind. It came with that rubbish CoolBrands book too which I flicked through and then ‘recycled’.

British Vogue [] 
I love Vogue. I don’t know why and I’m trying not to buy too many issues because it’s such a rubbish read (have a look at the page on ‘Rave’ in the The List supplement if you fancy a giggle… it’s even got a picture of a Prodigy CD stuck on there), but this is one of those specials I had to own… if only for a month or two.

The Observer Music Monthly []
Jarvis Cocker edited this one and I intend to read it from cover to cover so it’s probably going to sit in this pile for a while cause I’m rubbish at reading these days… see, it’s my attention span… I blame the internet :)

i-D []
I love i-D more. I almost always buy this even if it’s a bit rubbish. I can’t help it.