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Trend! Nilhism

Okay, so it’s not super catchy and doesn’t seem to have any discernible dress codes (apart from wearing loads of black, but that’s a bit obvious really) but if you’re feeling a bit ‘Children of Men’ and can’t stop listening to Jarvis Cocker’s ‘Running the World’ then may I recommend a handful of other dark delights:

Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Weekend’ []
Prepare yourself for this one. Once you get past the scene with the car jam that seems to go on forever you’ve still got to contend with hippies killing pigs in the woods, car wreaks that turn into flocks of sheep and an old lady’s pet skinned sheep… eeww! 

‘La Grande Bouffe’ []
A bunch of Italian guys get together with a few prositutes to eat and shag themselves to death and that’s pretty much it. A bleaker concept for a film is hard to find and I found this hard enough to watch (I think I turned off half way through). Let me know how you fare with this one. 

‘V for Vendetta’ []
From Godard to the Wachowski Brothers. Yikes! Still this has to be Children of Men’s closest modern relative (if you can think of another let me know). It’s dystopian (well to start with anyway), set in Britain after the seeming collapse of the United States and the lead actress is bald… er, just kidding about the last one. Sorry.