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Vents No Dummy

Looking for a chilling experience to bother your brain. Then Vent Haven is the place for you (the Museum not the event although both look equally as eerie). Two words: Ventriloquist Dummies… loads of them. Almost 700 of the fuckers at the last count. And you don’t have to go all the way to Kentucky to experience the icy chill of a room full of retired ‘vent figures’ just pop along to the Vent Haven Museum website. You can nominate the ‘Figure of the Month’, visit the convention website and make sure you don’t miss the ‘Tour Tape’ in the Multimedia section. It makes the whole thing worthwhile. Final Word before you scurry off to check it out (go on, you know you want to), appartently h3 at night, in the dark, when all the visitors have left and the staff have gone home, you hear the sound of the dummie’s joints shifting and even the occasional mouth snapping shut … bbrrrrr! Visit the [] online for more information.